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What the heck is pressure canning!?

This week I was away from home for a conference, so was not able to do any actual canning or hands-on learning for my project. But I figured this was a great time to dive into some of the more specifics about canning and learn a little bit more before I dive into making my next recipe.

I had been seeing the term “pressure canning” quite a bit and wasn’t sure what that meant. Most of the recipes I have read or used so far just require the lids to seal themselves because the food is hot, or placing the jars in boiling water until they seal. I was curious so did some exploring about the difference between what I have been doing and pressure canning.

I tried a few different platforms to learn about this, including TikTok! This is where I first heard the term “pressure canner”. (Also learned how to insert a TikTok video onto wordpress! Simply use the website version of TikTok and copy and paste the URL)

What I learned about pressure canning:

-Only low acid foods require pressure canning. This includes meat and vegetables.

-High acid foods only require water bath canning. This includes fruits, jams, pickles, and salsa. This is why I had not yet come across the need for a pressure canner! All my recipes are with high acid foods.

For now I think I will be sticking to the water bath canning method and high acid foods, mostly because I don’t plan to invest in a pressure canner. But who knows where this learning project will take me in the future!? Maybe I will turn into a regular canning connoisseur!


2 thoughts on “What the heck is pressure canning!?

  1. My mom used to make a lot of jams and jellies when I was a kid. The process fascinated me, but I never have done it myself. Have you tried anything you have made yet?


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