EDTC300 · Learning Project

That’s a Wrap!

It’s hard to believe this learning project has come to an end already. I didn’t get nearly as many recipes done as I was hoping. However I still learned a lot about the canning process. One thing I definitely learned is how long it takes to complete a recipe. But I am looking forward to taking the knowledge I have learned these past few months and trying some more recipes when life slows down a little bit and I have more time. I’m thinking over Christmas holidays I would like to try a few recipes! Here is a summary of what I learned about canning:

Week 1: Too Many Tomatoes– I started by choosing this topic for my project because of all the tomatoes and apples I had from our garden. At this point I had high hopes and was going to have a basement full of canned goods (reality set in quick once I did my first recipe and saw that it nearly took me all day just to make salsa!) Although I do have about 5 jars of salsa left- so I will call that a win!

Week 2: My Canning Menu– This week I compiled a list of recipes I wanted to tackle in the coming months. I also gathered the materials I would be needing. Looking at the list of recipes I wanted to make, and what I actually made- I didn’t do too bad! I had 6 recipes chosen and I ended up making 3 of them. I made Salsa, Apple butter, and Caramel sauce. Jam is still at the top of my to-do list!

Week 3: Make Salsa with Me and CapCut!– This was the biggest part of my project, not only did I make the salsa but I also created a video of the process. The video was very time consuming, but it might be my favorite part of the project. It was really cool to see it all put together.

Week 4: What the Heck is Pressure Canning? -This week I took a bit of a turn and just did some research on the canning process. I noticed the terms “pressure canning” and “water bath” popping up a lot and I needed some clarification on what exactly the difference is. I found that pressure canning is a bit more complex and requires some more tools, as well as knowledge on the process in order to ensure safety when preserving food items. It’s not something I was ready to tackle, but perhaps if I continue with canning and get better then one day I would give it a try.

Week 5: How ‘Bout Them Apples? -My second recipe was apple butter. Which I don’t know if I would actually describe as a butter, it had the consistency of a spread rather than a butter. But this one was fairly straightforward and didn’t involve nearly as much chopping or prep as the salsa did. I still have a jar of this in my fridge and it tastes delicious on a piece of cinnamon raisin toast!

Week 6: Too Old for TikTok?– This week I explored Tik Tok to see what I could learn about canning. It was also my first experience with TikTok and I was pleasantly surprised what a useful tool it was. I always thought it was just full of silly, mindless videos. But this week really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Week 7: The Value of a Good, Old Fashioned, Hard Copy Book– I know the point of this project was to learn everything online, but I also learned about a few books that many people recommended on canning. While I learned a lot of things online, I sometimes think just a regular book can sometimes also be helpful. I can see myself purchasing one of these books and following some of the recipes and directions from there. I was a bit overwhelmed at times on the amount of information I could find on canning, along with a few contradicting messages. So having a book would help clarify those things.

Week 8: Caramel Magic- This was my favourite recipe I made because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love caramel sauce! I was also amazed at how the process turned sweetened condensed milk into caramel sauce. I wasn’t sure it would work. Even my mom had stopped by my house the day I was starting and she kind of chuckled because she also didn’t think it would work. But I will never make caramel sauce another way! It was so easy, while it was time consuming the only thing that took time was the actual boiling. So as long as I am home I can be doing other things while the caramel sauce is boiling. I will definitely be doing this again!

Week 9: Canva & Caramel– This week was dedicated to learning about another creative tool- Canva. I created a graphic to show the steps to make caramel sauce. It was very user friendly and I plan to look into getting the free educator account for Canva.

Overall I would say I had a successful learning project and was able to learn the basics of canning, as well as try out a variety of recipes. It definitely opened my eyes to what is possible to learn online, as well as different creative tools that can be used to create content. This is not the end of my learning journey on canning!


3 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

    1. Hey just wanted to share that you gave me the idea of using Canva. I made a poster for my final lenring project post! I was gonna make a basic chart on a white paper but it looks much better made on Canva!


  1. Hey Amy! I think you taking up canning as your learning project was a great idea! My sister has recently started canning and she loves it…literally she cannot stop. But I get free food out of it so I support her in anyway I can lol.


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