Building My Twitter Network

I would consider myself to be a reluctant Twitter user. I have taken EdTc courses in the pass and have used Twitter for that, but always stopped using it as soon as the class was done. I recently started a new position as a Learning Facilitator, which had me wanting to get back into the Twitter world so this class came at the perfect time.

My role as Learning Facilitator is a bit of a mix between Learning Consultant and Instructional Coach. So I am focusing on building my network around the community of Instructional Coaching in education because that it something that is so new to me. After attending an Instructional Coaching conference this past week, I have been able to find quite a few people to follow and start building that network.

But I also enjoy sharing resources and ideas with other teachers. My biggest passion in teaching is in the area of Mathematics, so that is what I tend to gravitate towards. I have connected with a few accounts these past weeks that I have been learning a lot from. Some of my favourites are: @SteveWyborney @BerkeleyEverett @MathforLove. They all have great ideas and resources that can be easily adapted for every classroom.

As someone who has been teaching for 10 years, I also try to share things that would be helpful to my peers in EdTc 300. One tweet that seemed to be quite helpful was the following:

Since I am also working in classrooms every day, I like to share tweets about some of the things I am doing or seeing on a day to day basis. This is one tweet I shared last week about students engaging in a #ThinkingClassrooms task and using the window as a vertical whiteboard.

I look forward to continuing to build my network, and to keep this going even after the class is done.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading! Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @AmyDavisHT


3 thoughts on “Building My Twitter Network

  1. I am a bit of a reluctant tweeter lately. I’ve been struggling to find posts that interest and are relevant to me. I am working towards an education degree and math degree so I am definitely interested in math posts. I will definitely check out those accounts that you tagged. Thanks!


    1. If you have a passion for math we should definitely connect more on Twitter! I absolutely love sharing and learning anything math related.


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