Summary of Learning

I used a platform called genially for my summary of learning. A coworker of mine uses this platform often so I wanted to get more familiar with it. I highly recommend it! It was super easy to use and the different tools you can create are endless.

For my summary of learning I created a graphic that highlighted some of my key learnings. Then for each topic you can click the button and view a short video of me explaining some key takeaways. It was difficult to condense everything into less than 6 minutes but I did it! Also excuse my raspy voice, I am battling some sickness.


One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. Such a cool resource, Amy! I will definitely keep genially in mind as I move through my educational journey. I appreciated your vulnerability in expressing you had never tried coding before – I hadn’t either and am so thankful for the opportunity to have tried it out during this semester!


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