Sleuthing Skills

Kaelyn and I teach in the same school division and have known each other for many years. We have kids similar in age, live just down the street from one another, and our husbands are the administrators at our local high school. Needless to say I know her pretty well, but I have never took the time to “creep” her online. Here is what I found out!

*For the purpose of this assignment Kaelyn and I deleted one another on Facebook so we could see what others see on a private profile*

Here is what a quick search for “Kaelyn Turberfield” on Google showed:

  • Pinterest: The first thing that turned up was her Pinterest page. I was surprised how much info I got from just this account. Just from her Pinterest boards I could conclude she is a teacher, has 3 kids, enjoys cooking- I even found her address on one of her board titles. (Don’t worry- I let her know so she could change the privacy settings on this!)
  • Blog: Her blog was also one of the first things to pop up and she had a lot of info about herself on the “about me” page.
  • St Agnes school: The staff directory for the school Kaelyn teaches Grade 1 at also came up in my search results.
  • Obituary: I found multiple obituaries for her and her husband’s grandparents.
  • Concentus Citizenship Education: It was clear Kaelyn had a strong role in this programming. Many results came up for her involvement in this project, going back to 2020.
  • Her annual salary: I was able to see her annual salary from a board report from 2014/2015.

I’m not sure my Facebook sleuthing was entirely accurate, because we had a total of 57 mutual friends so I was still able to see a lot of her content even though we were no longer friends on Facebook. Her “about info” was locked up and I wasn’t able to see anything there. I was mostly able to see some of her photos. The only way I could tell from her Facebook that she was a teacher came from this post (Again I think I was only able to see this because she had tagged some of my friends in this post).

Well that was a fun sleuthing activity-time to add my friend back on Facebook lol!


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