EDTC300 · Learning Project

Caramel Magic!

This week I tried out a recipe I found on TikTok. While exploring the platform a few weeks ago I saved this video because it looked super easy and great for beginners. Also who doesn’t love caramel sauce!?

TikTok account I found this recipe from

All of the canning recipes I have tried have been SO time consuming. This was something I didn’t anticipate when I chose this for my learning project. It is very time consuming and all the prep work takes awhile. So I was excited to try this one because although it took 3 hours to cook, the prep time was less than 5 minutes! With just sweetened condensed milk in a water bath, I created some delicious caramel sauce! I couldn’t believe how easy it was- it was almost magic! The slow heat was enough to caramelize the milk and make it the perfect consistency. The only thing I wish I had done differently was used smaller jars. I only had 500ml jars so it required a lot more water in order to immerse the jar. This resulted in the cooking time being more than 3 hours because it took so long to boil. As you can see my kids also loved it! Apple slices and caramel might be their new favourite snack.


3 thoughts on “Caramel Magic!

    1. Haha thanks! Well I must admit I had more plans for canning than actually happened- I wasn’t prepared for how time consuming just once recipe is.


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