EDTC300 · Learning Project

Canva & Caramel

I enjoyed making the caramel sauce so much that for this week’s post I wanted to create something that other people could follow to make their own caramel sauce. I wanted to try Canva because I find recipes are easiest to follow when they are on one page, and rather than a video I like to have the directions written down. I don’t have experience with Canva so this was my first project and I found it very user friendly! The biggest challenge was finding a free template to use, many of the ones I liked required payment. But I did find out that teachers can get a pro account for free! I haven’t had a chance to set that up but I plan to try it in the future.

I split the process into 6 easy steps. I included a headline, brief description, and photo for each step. My hope is that it is intriguing enough for draw attention, but simple enough that people can read it quickly and decide if it is a recipe they would try. Let me know if you think I achieved my goal!

Here is my final product:


9 thoughts on “Canva & Caramel

  1. Now I am hungry.. thanks a lot.. LOL. I am actually using canva right now in another class. i didn;t know that about the free teacher’s account.. thanks for letting us know!


    1. Yeah I actually still have not gotten one, you have to submit documentation to prove you are a teacher, so you might need to wait until you have your teaching certificate. It’s still on my to-do list to submit that!


  2. Hey Amy, definitely agree that when creating recipes, just a one-pager is preferred. I find myself finding recipes on online websites often and just scrolling straight to the bottom with the recipe, instead of all the lead up and videos, etc. As Robyn said, it also looks delicious! Great work.


    1. There is nothing more annoying that 27 pages of someone explaining a recipe before just getting to the point! I’m not sure who even reads all that lol!


  3. Hello Amy,

    That is great to see that you have come to the end of your learning project. I was a pleasure to follow you. However, I would have loved to taste it. Thank you!


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