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The value of a good, old fashioned, hard copy book

This week I wanted to dive into a question that has been on my mind since the beginning of this project- is online really the BEST way to learn about canning? This question came up because I have seen so many online platforms suggesting recipe books for canning. It got me thinking about what can be learned online and what might need to be supplemented with something more “traditional” such as a hard copy recipe book.

I went back to some of the sources I have been learning from to see how many recommend purchasing a recipe book, which ones are referenced most often, and if they suggest any reason for purchasing a recipe book.

Available from Indigo.

This Ball canning book came up multiple times, as well as other versions. Ball seems to be a very reputable brand when it comes to canning, and many people suggested these are a necessity for canning, especially when it comes to safety and making sure you are following the proper steps.

An example from a Tik Tok account recommending this book.

Another one that seemed to come up regularly was this book specific to pressure canning.

Available on Indigo

Something that came up often with the topic of pressure canning was the issue of food safety. Almost all accounts or blogs that talked about pressure canning, recommended at least one recipe book to ensure you are following the steps exactly.

My own opinion is that in order to get the most information and ensure you are canning correctly, online is a great place to get ideas, learn about the process, and connect with others. When it comes down to canning in your own kitchen, a book is a really great way to keep track of your steps and make sure you are doing it correctly.


3 thoughts on “The value of a good, old fashioned, hard copy book

    1. Agree, I have a recipe box and recipe books I still use. I do have a photo album on my phone that I will screenshot recipes from online and add to there. I find that an easy way to use the online sources but have it in quick and easy access.


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