EDTC300 · Learning Project

Make Salsa With Me and CapCut!

For my learning project this week I made my first batch of canned goods- salsa! Turns out making and canning salsa is fairly easy- but documenting the process with CapCut proved to be more challenging than I anticipated. The app itself was straightforward once I figured it out, but the hassle of documenting every step of the salsa making was not my favorite. I kept thinking of all the different tiktok videos out there that are less than a minute long but they probably take people hours to make! It was definitely a bit of a “instagram vs reality” moment for me to take in. But once the video was completed and I added the music- I was actually really proud of the little piece of art I created! Check out my final product here:

My Review of CapCut

I chose CapCut because I had heard it was great for making videos where you needed pieces to overlap. I wanted this video to be super short, so I knew I needed to smoothly transition from one video to the next. I did all the editing on my phone, and it took me less than an hour to make this video from start to finish. Uploading all the videos was fairly quick, I had about 48 minutes worth of video to upload and it look only a few minutes. To upload new videos, simply click the + button.

Click the + button to upload your video clips.

After uploading all the videos, I sped them up to 6x the speed. This was easy to do, but I wish there was a way to select all videos and apply this to all (maybe there is- I just couldn’t find it).

To speed up your video, simply click “edit” then “speed”

Trimming the length of each video was really slick, the videos kind of overlapped and you could drag one over to where you wanted it to start at the end of the previous clip. Then I added the finishing touches of a bit of text and some music. I did struggle a bit with the music. I tried to upload a song from my Apple music but I couldn’t get it to work. I ended up just adding a song from the CapCut library which was easy enough.

CapCut had a good selection of music to pick from in their library.

A quick upload and save and the video was in my camera roll. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Next time I would play around with some of the transitions and maybe try to make the text more creative. Overall I would say CapCut is very user friendly as I am not the most techy person and I didn’t have trouble creating this video.

CapCut in the Classroom

I think this would be a useful tool if students were making videos in the classroom. I asked my 10 and 12 year old niece about the app and they were familiar with it and use it often to make their own videos at home. In regards to the SAMR model, I think it would fall under modification because it offers a new platform for students to showcase their learning. Rather than creating a paper and pencil product, students could showcase their learning through video and speaking. It would also offer some useful skills on video editing.


3 thoughts on “Make Salsa With Me and CapCut!

  1. The quality of your video is awesome! For some reason, anytime I post, my videos are grainy.But, then again, I am a pretty solid tech rookie! I think the only thing you are missing from your experience is a taste tester. I am happy to do so. Quality control is pretty important with this type of learning project 🙂


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