EDTC300 · Learning Project

Too Many Tomatoes

For my learning project this term I have decided how to can. (Can that be a verb!?) To explain how I came up with this idea I will show you the 5 gallon pail currently sitting in my kitchen:

I have always had a garden and every year I end up with an abundance of tomatoes thinking, “I should really learn how to make salsa!” Yet every year we eat tomato sandwiches for a month straight and there is still no homemade salsa in my pantry. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to finally learn something I have been wanting to do for years. But I don’t want to stop at just salsa- I am still trying to decide what options to explore. I know I for sure want to do salsa, tomato sauce, and jam. But I would like to get creative and try a few more things, I’m just not sure what.

Since I have no experience in canning I think my first step is to gather the supplies I will need. I know my mom has a few things I can probably borrow from her. My other plan for this week is to do some more research to find a few more things I would like to learn to can. Once I have these things done then I think it will be time to get started. I plan to come up with a rough guideline or schedule as to which things I will be making throughout the weeks. I think this will help keep me on track! Salsa and tomato sauce will come first so I can use up these tomatoes before they go bad.

Do you have any experience with canning? If so please comment below with any helpful tips!

If you have an idea for something I should can, please also comment below! I am open to any ideas.

Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Too Many Tomatoes

  1. Hey Amy, cool idea and super practical. Doing things such as canning, baking, or cooking is always exciting because you get to enjoy the product at the end of it! I can’t say this is up my alley, but I can attest to the delicious homemade salsa my mom makes and her previous ventures with crabapple jelly were always delicious. Good luck with the experience!


  2. Hello Ami,
    I can imagine that your tomatoes come directly from your garden. I hope that you will find all you need for your learning project. I am anxious to see how your salsa, tomato sauce and jam will look like. You have a very beautiful family!


    1. Thank you Jean-Paul. Yes those all came from my garden! They are almost all red, I only have a handful of green ones left so I will be starting very soon.


  3. Hello Ami,
    I’m very excited about your project and that’s because I’ve tried all kinds of jams (blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, quince, apricot, etc) because it’s very common to eat that with bread in Chile, but I’ve never seen tomato jam!!
    When you start with the jam I will come with tips from my country, good luck!


    1. I would love any helpful tips you have for me! It’s actually not tomato jam, but tomato sauce (like you would put on spaghetti) or salsa (to dip chips in, or put on tacos). Those are things we use often in our house so it will be nice to have some homemade jars.


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