Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Amy and I am a student in EDTC300 at the University of Regina. I am also a Learning Facilitator with Holy Trinity Catholic School Division, a wife, and mom of 2 little ones.

My knowledge in educational technology is fairly basic. I am familiar and competent in all the platforms I need to know for my job, but other than that I am not overly involved in the online education community. I always say I want to get more active on twitter and really build a professional community, but I never seem to stick with it.

I am still a reluctant blogger, even though I have blogged in past EDTC courses I have taken. To be honest putting my thoughts online makes me feel very vulnerable- but I have always been open to new learning experiences so bring it on! In past courses where I have blogged, I had always deleted my blog as soon as the course was over. However, in my new role as a Learning Facilitator I think a blog would be a very helpful and relevant tool. After this class is over I hope to transition this blog into one that fits in with my role as a Learning Facilitator and hopefully I can continue to share thoughts, ideas, and resources with others.

Find me on twitter and follow along this learning journey of mine: @AmyDavisHT

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my next post!


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